Consultancy to develop a trainings plan as well as Technical Support on Protection in Practice Project

Location:    Yangon and Myitkyina


In Kachin, Oxfam and partners have  been focusing to enhance its protection and gender capacity. This would be done through direct support in  the  implementation  of  a pilot  project.  The purpose of  this  pilot is  to establish the Women and Girls’ Centre in one camp and transform it into a space which can offer edutainment for boys and men on  awareness  raising  on  gender  and protection.  To  accompany  this  pilot  project,  Oxfam  will  provide  technical support  in  a  series  of  workshops  and  other  learning  activities  in  gender  and  protection.  Oxfam  will  p rovide a resource  person  (by  hiring  a  consultant)  with  a  strong  experience  on  gender  and  protection  to  develop  relevant modules, guide the participants to be able to apply what they learn from the modules, collect the best practices and document their learning journey which will be shared with other CSOs and INGOs.  According  to  that,  Oxfam  has  planned  to  hire  a  consultant  who can  support  and  fulfill  the  need  of  capacity development on Gender and Protection for the Humanitarian staff from local NGOs in Kachin.

Purpose of the consultancy:

  • To  provide  technical  support to  local partners and  Oxfam staff in  Kachin  in  pilot  project,  to  lead  in  capacity development of the staff, capture and sharing of learning and good practices. Scope of service by the Consultancy:
  • To  identify  the  capacity  gaps  on  Gender  and  Protection  issues  to  targeted  Humanitarian  staff  from  local partners and Oxfam in Kachin.
  • To  develop  a  series  of  trainings/workshops  design  and  planning  (design  and  materials  on  gender  and protection will be developed with the support from Oxfam team and using existing tools in Oxfam)
  • To conduct at least 4 series of trainings/workshops with participatory learning actions. During the training, the consultant will identify protection and gender concerns  in the camps and recommend that how to improve the situation and incorporate in current humanitarian response activities.
  • To produce a brief document on learning journey (including good practices) and lead in sharing it with others CSOs working in Humanitarian context in Kachin
  • To provide support on pilot gender and protection pilot project in one camp
  • To support the partner and Oxfam gender officer on M&E planning and reporting.

Specific Deliverables

1    Capacity and Gap Analysis on gender and protection  (End of Oct 2016)
2   Design and session plans for 4 series of trainings/workshop on gender and protection  (by  using  Oxfam  existing  materials)  based  on  the  result  from  activity  1  and  also  in consultation   with project partner(s). The workshops/trainings should be in participatory ways using practical examples to apply immediately in project (End of Nov 2016)
3   Conducting 4 series of trainings/workshops- learning events (End of May 2017)
4   Produce a learning journey paper/documentation of learning journey (End of June 2017)
5   One sharing event on the learning (End of July 2017)

Time frame and Conditions

  • The consultant will have to develop planning and time frame for the whole scope of  services but should not exceed more than 60 days for the whole contract period – 15 September 2016 to 31 July 2017.
  • He or she will have to travel according to the analysis plan. The cost of travel will be incurred by Oxfam for program related context.

Fees and Expenses:

  • The  consultant  needs  to  participate  in  important  event  either  Yangon  or  Kachin  (approximately  5  days  per month). It may be decided upon priorities.
  • Oxfam will arrange or reimburse the Travel and food expenses as per actual in submission of proper bills and vouchers.


  • 20% of Payment could be done after signing contract and the rest of the payment will be made in every three months after service is successfully delivered and be in line with quality standards of Oxfam in Myanmar.

Required skills and experiences of Consultant:

  • An experienced facilitator, highly skilled in facilitation with strong practical knowledge on Gender and Protection will be required for the deliverables of this TOR
  • Demonstrate experience in capacity building projects, including delivering trainings on the subjects like- Gender and Protection, with different learning assessment
  • Be fluent in English with clear oral and excellent written communication skills
  • Understanding & speaking of Burmese language would be an advantage
  • Very good presentation skills
  • Be a creative thinker and with strong commitments
  • Have ability to work effectively and harmoniously with colleagues

How to apply and Submission of Expression of Interest:

Oxfam invites Expression of Interested (EOI) from consultants with experience and skills described above. The EOI
must include:

  • A  cover  letter  of  not  more  than  2  pages  stipulating  how  the  experience,  skills  and  competencies  of  the reviewer(s) meet the above requirement
  • Submit curriculum vitae for the consultant
  • Expected consultancy fee per day

Interested organisation  /  individual should send their proposal to Oxfam Myanmar not later than  5:00 PM  of  23rd November 2016 to: Human Resources Department by email (OR) No 34, Corner of Aung Taw Mu Lane and Golden Hill Avenue Rd, Golden Valley Ward. Bahan Township. Yangon. Myanmar