Workshop for Journalists: Fair Taxation and Public Financial Management in Myanmar

Tuesday, September 24, 2019 - 09:30 to Wednesday, September 25, 2019 - 05:00

Call for applications to participate in Media Workshop on Fair Taxation and Public Financial Management: Engaging with Journalists on Equitable and Shared Prosperity in Myanmar

Oxfam in Myanmar is looking for journalists to take part in a media workshop on Fair Taxation and Public Financial Management; Venue and Date: Myamar Deitta Gallery, 130-Bogalayzay Road, Yangon, September 24 and 25 (9:30 am to 5:00 pm), 2019. Deadline for applications: September 20.


Taxation, and budgets are powerful tools in promoting equitable development and shared prosperity. Taxation is the practice of collecting taxes (money) from citizens and companies based on their earnings and property. The revenue raised from taxation go to the country’s budget to fund public services such as education and healthcare and build shared infrastructure like roads and powerlines.  When a country’s tax system is progressive, the government has more capabilities to fund essential public services. A budget is the tool a government has to help it translate national resources into allocations which meet the needs and aspirations of its population, and set the country on a path to sustainable and equitable development. 
Budgets are not politically ‘neutral’. What gets included in a budget is shaped not only by the people who decide the allocations but also the structures and histories that inform how those decisions are made. If a budget does not account for the different needs of women and men, it is ‘gender-blind’ – i.e., it perpetrates inequality through biased spending. More often than not, national budgets favor men and the groups, institutions and systems that are led by men. 
Gender-responsive budgeting ensures that gender equality and women’s rights priorities are reflected in policy discussions and result in robust programmes that address everyone’s needs. 
Oxfam in Myanmar will organize a workshop with selected journalists in Myanmar to strengthen their understanding of fair taxation, public financial management, and gender responsive budgeting. This workshop aims to engage with journalists on these critical topics and support their reporting on current practices and policies that contribute to the reduction of poverty and inequality in Myanmar.

The workshop is designed to build the momentum for journalists to interact with thematic experts on taxation, budgeting, gender and learn about regional experience on highlighting inequality in Asia form Asia regional communications lead of Oxfam. Following the workshop, story grants will be available for those who want to do investigative reporting on issues related to taxation, public spending, and gendered impacts of the budget. It will enhance the understanding of public through media on the importance of taxation as well as to urge the government to account and transparent on the revenue they collected and budget they allocate for essential public services.

Detailed Information
The workshop will be held in Yangon,Myamar Deitta Gallery, 130-Bogalayzay Road, on September 24 and 25 (9:30 am to 5:00 pm), 2019.
The organizers will bear the travel, accommodation and meal costs for those who are travelling form different townships and regions.
Journalists from print, web, radio and television, based in different states and regions are all encouraged to apply. 
(1)    To develop the knowledge and understanding of Journalists on Fair Taxation, Public Financial Management and Public Services, Gender Responsive Budgeting in Myanmar.
(2)    To engage and build relationship with the journalists in order to contribute to the public debates on good practices and policies in Asia Region to reduce inequality
(3)    To create a space for journalist to be able to produce investigative reporting on issues focusing on tax and public spending perspectives 
To promote public awareness through media on fair taxation and budget for gender responsive public services 

Prerequisites for Applicants
-    To commit to attend all days of the workshop 
-    To have a record reporting on one or more of these topics: Tax, Public Spending, Gender Responsive Budgeting, Essential Services, Public Financial Management. 
-    To be willing to allow Oxfam in Myanmar to use selected stories on its Website and Facebook page, if you produce stories for your home media organizations as a result of the story grant.
-    Freelancers are welcome but must have a letter of support from a media organization that will publish or broadcast your stories.

Please send the filled-in Application Form to
Application Deadline: September 20, 2019

For More Information : Naw Aye Mya Nyein
Communications and Media Coordinator