Our campaigns

Oxfam's booth at the International Women's Day celebration in Yangon, Photo by: Pyae Aye Nyein/ Oxfam

Oxfam campaigns to change the things that keep people locked in poverty.

Oxfam campaigns with local partners and supporters to raise awareness, change behaviour, and help develop good policies.  We use social media, media and offline to mobilize supporters and call for joint action.

Inequality is a growing issue across Asia, and Oxfam in Myanmar programme's seek to challenge multiple dimensions of inequality, from tackling gender discrimination and championing women's rights, to promoting decent work, fair wages and responsible investment, to working with local civil society to improve the national budget process so that it is fairer, helps to reduce inequality and is more representative of people's needs. Oxfam in Myanmar is part of Oxfam's global Even it Up campaign.