Peace and Development

Inclusive, sustainable peace is essential if people are to live free from fear of multiple and protracted ethnic conflicts. Whilst support for a peace process is vital at local, national and international levels, communities must also be better equipped to make the most of development opportunities and advocate for their needs and rights to Government and non-Government authorities.

In Kachin, Oxfam is working in a consortium of international aid agencies and local organisations to support communities on achieving peace and lasting, sustainable development. Through an integrated approach which recognises the diverse needs of conflict-affected communities, the programme uses activities such as peace dialogues, education, creation of livelihoods opportunities and raising the voice of women to support communities to be agents of change in the development of durable peace and equitable growth in Kachin.

Women informal traders
Oxfam's latest report has brought a critical issue to the world’s attention as the World Economic Forum gets underway this month in Davos, Switzerland: how the COVID-19 crisis is worsening already serious levels of inequality.
We have just finished a review of Oxfam’s work in Myanmar’s central Dry Zone . This was designed some 6 years ago – a lifetime in Myanmar, back when the country was far more closed, and we were trying to disguise governance work as a resilient livelihoods project. Our intentions...
Photo by Dustin Barber
Social accountability, what does it mean? And does it mean something different when people are in the middle of a civil war? Is Social Accountability a set of static tools that sound good on paper but aren’t really associated with delivering social and political change?...
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