What we do

Fisher woman in Ayeyarwaddy region with big lobsters to sell in the market. This is the area where we implement fisherry governance in partnership with local organisation. Photo by: Kaung Htet/ Oxfam

Oxfam has a vision where all people and communities are empowered, influence decision affecting their lives and benefit from an inclusive and sustainable economy in an equal, peaceful and resilient Myanmar.

Under Oxfam’s Theory of Change – how we see change happening – Oxfam’s role is: to enable transformational change, as a convenor and catalyst; creating space, building capacity and sharing technical expertise, raising funds and public support, leveraging our own resources to multiply funds, providing strategic funding to partners and carrying out humanitarian work that integrates life-saving response with building resilience. Our approach is to be both practical and visionary.

To influence policy and practices to create the conditions for reversing economic, gender and social inequalities, we work in partnership with national and local organsations, government and authorities, private sector, academia and policy institutions. 

Gender and Women's Rights: Myanmar (OiM) has invested in promoting women’s leadership and empowerment for two decades, and continues prioritizing this, not only in what we do but also in how we run our programmes. We expanded partnership with women’s rights organisations (WROs) working; not only focusing on women’s empowerment projects, but also humanitarian, development and nexus. We recognize the importance of both mainstreaming gender across all projects and implementing standalone gender and women’s rights focused projects. 

Sustainable Development: Oxfam has been focusing on both long-term strategic intervention and addressing the immediate needs of the communities. That includes promoting communities’ awareness to their rights and responsibilities to land and natural resources, as well as providing livelihoods interventions and support to targeted communities.

Humanitarian: Humanitarian needs in Myanmar are driven by multiple factors. The people of Myanmar need humanitarian assistance more than ever due to chronic poverty and hunger. Oxfam is committed to continue implementing effective, principled humanitarian interventions with local partners, especially women’s rights organisations.

In all our programme interventions, we ensure working with local organisations to ehnance and advance their capacity and organisational development.