Who we are

Oxfam in Myanmar staff making the word OXFAM together.

Oxfam is a confederation of 19 affiliates  working in over 90 countries around the world towards the vision of “A Just World without Poverty”, and is one of the world’s leading humanitarian and development agencies. Oxfam believes that achieving change can only happen through working in partnership with others. In Myanmar, Oxfam has been working with communities, local civil society organisations, national NGOs and Government and administration actors since the 1990s to overcome poverty and suffering.

In Myanmar, our goal is to contribute to the reduction of poverty and inequality, to promote the collective power of men and women to harness the benefits of political reforms and economic development, and to foster the resilience and long term security of communities affected by conflict and disasters. The rights of women are at the heart of our work.

To achieve our goals, the Oxfam Country strategy focuses on three thematic areas of work: Governance and Social Accountability, Economic Justice, and Humanitarian. Gender Equality is a core element in all programs, ensuring that we put women at the centre of everything we do.