Fisher folk in the river with small fishing gear on his boat during sun set. This is the area where Oxfam works to support small scale fisher folks to aware their rights and claim for it. Photo by: Kaung Htet/Oxfam

Oxfam in Myanmar has set following approaches to bring about the change we want to see in Myanmar. These approaches cut across Oxfam in Myanmar's thematic programmes of work.

  • Transformative Partnership: OiM is committed to supporting and investing in local leadership, skills and capacities, and creating spaces for local organisations.
  • Feminist Approach: Oxfam applies a feminist approach to all our work and is committed to challenge patriarchy  and promote gender justice, through an intersectional lens.
  • Safe Programming Approach: All programmes and activities must include proactive measures to ensure we do not inadvertently cause harm to people, nor undermine the values, standards and norms that underpin our work.
  • Rights-Based Approach: We promote and champion the rights of people and empower and support them.
  • Influencing Approach: Locally-led influencing is a key component across all OiM programmes working to bring about change at scale; we both embed our influencing approach in all our programme work and in turn have our programming inform our influencing work and strategies.
  • Conflict Sensitivity Approach: A conflict-sensitive approach is applied to all OiM programmes, from the designing stage onwards, ensuring conflict-sensitivity assessments/ risk analyses are undertaken, to avoid possible harm to the vulnerable communities we work with.
  • Technology and Innovative Approach: Digital and data protection has become crucial to Oxfam, to ensure OiM staff and partners are able to carry out our work especially due to the result of Covid-19 pandemic.